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An Ancient Path-Talks on Vipassana meditation as taught by S.N. Goenka

Caravan of Dhamma, The

Dharma: Its True Nature

Essence of

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Paul R. Fleischman, M.D., Pariyatti Pub./ Vipassana Research Pubs imprint, 2009, 192 pages

Psychiatrist Paul Fleischman gave talks in Europe and America in 2007 including pne in Boston to mental health professionals and one in Freiberg, Germany to "Mindfulness" researchers. The content of the talks reflect the varied audiences. Several question and answer sessions included.

VRI, 2004, 169 pg.

Diary of SN Goenka's tour of Europe & NA, 2002

VRI, 1995, 75 pg.

U Ko Lay, VRI, 1995, 220 pg.

Various Authors, Global Vipassana Foundation, 2006, 300pg. softcover

A commemoration of the opening of the Global Pagoda, Mumbai, India. With over 15,000 attending and a live worldwide TV broadcast, the final 'keystone' was placed in the ceiling of the massive dome to enshrine relics of the Buddha there. Includes both English and Hindi articles and and many newly published color photographs.

VRI, 1995, 40 pg.

VRI, 1990, 132 pg.

Vipassana Research Institute

French - English and Chinese available as well

U Ko Lay, VRI, 2002, 120 pg.

John Ross Carter, Pariyatti Publishing

Talks by internationally known Buddhist scholars about discerning meaning in this life and how to live more freely through it. Subtle interpretations and extended elaborations of complex Buddhist insights into living more abundantly. Explanations of ancient religious practices still current today o Engaged discussions with American undergraduates Accessible for a beginner and appropriate for one who wishes to begin again.

VRI, 1998, 44 pg.


This book contains translated summaries of the evening discourses by S.N. Goenka from a ten-day course of Vipassana meditation.


Talks given by Goenkaji at the United Nations on the universal Dhamma, and putting the teaching of the historical Buddha in a modern perspective.


This book deals with the Buddha’s practical teaching of Vipassana which is not only universal but also non-sectarian. This technique of meditation is for all irrespective religion, ethnic group and nationality.


The illustrations and stories found in this book are from an exhibition at the Global Vipassana Pagoda in India, designed to dispel misconceptions about the Buddha and his teachings. The book features 122 stories narrated by S.N. Goenka and colorful illustrations of important events of the Buddha's life and teaching.

VRI, 1998, 127 pg.

Global Vipassana Foundation, 1997, 127 pg.

VRI, 1990, 72 pg.

VRI, 1995, 141 pg.

VRI, 4 - 5 pages each

VRI, 1996, 37 pg.

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Global Pagoda, The Monument of Gratitude

Gotama the Buddha: His Life and Teaching

Importance of

Mahasatipatthana Sutta - Le Grand Discours sur l'Etablisssement de l'Attention

Manual of Vipassana Meditation

On Living Life Well: Echoes of the words of the Buddha from the Theravada Tradition

Psychological Effects of Vipassana on Tihar Jail Inmates

Resumen De Las Charlas del Curso de Diez Dias - Basado en las Charlas de ub Curso de meditacion Vipassana de diez dias condesado por William Hart

S. N. Goenka at the United Nations

The Buddha's Non-Sectarian Teachings

The Great Buddha's Noble Teachings - The Origin and Spread of Vipassana (Slightly damaged SALE)

Vipassana Pagoda Seminar

Vipassana Pagoda Souvenir

Vipassana: Addictions and Health

Vipassana: Its Relevance to the Present World (also available on cassette 58 min-$3.75 and CD$7.25)

VRI Pamphlet Series:

    • Vipassana Health - Dr. R.M. Chokhani
    • Drug Addiction and Therapy: A Vipassana Perspective - Dr. R.M. Chokhani
    • Vipassana in Prisons - Raja M.
    • What Muslims Say About Vipassana I - Mohammed Arif Joiya
    • What Muslims Say About Vipassana II - Dr. Abbas Rouhbakhsh et al.
    • What Christians Say About Vipassana I - Father Lawrence & Mother Mary
    • What Christians Say About Vipassana II - Fr. Peter Lourdes et al.
    • Vipassana- An Art of Corporate Management - Roop Jyoti
    • Vipassana in Government - Ram Singh
    • What Senior Administrators Say About Vipassana I - Justice Bhargava et al.
    • What Senior Administrators Say About Vipassana-II - Ramesh M. Ubale et al.
    • What Senior Administrators Say About Vipassana-III - Kursheed Merchant et al.

Wheel of Dhamma Rotates Around the World, The