Pali Language Resources

Pali Language Resources

Introduction to Pali 3rd edition

Introduction to Pali Audio CD

Key to Pali Primer

New Course in Reading Pali: Entering the Word of the Buddha

Pali English Glossary of Buddhist Technical Terms, A

Pali Grammar - Softcover

Pali Literature & Language

Pali Primer

Pali Workbook

Ten Jataka Stories: A Pali Reader

Author, Publisher

A.K. Warder, PTS, 1995

Ven. H. Saddhatissa, PTS, 1 CD

Lily de Silva, VRI, 1998

answer booklet

W. S. Karunatillake,

Motilal Banarsidass Publishers

An introductory level Pali language study book that emphasizes reading and a direct approach to texts that can be read by beginning students, while conveying some of the fundamental Buddhist ideas and concepts embodied in the Pali tradition.

Bhikku Nanamoli, BPS, 1995, 176 pgs.

Renderings for technical terms from the Pali Canon and selected commentaries, with textual references.

Wilhelm Geiger

Geiger, W. Translated by B. Gosh, Pub by Munshiram Manoharial, 2004, 250 pgs. soft

This English translation of Professor Geiger's "Pali Literature und Sprache" offers more than the German original. Much new material has been supplied by Professor Geiger himself.

Lily de Silva, VRI, 1998

32 easy lessons, beginner level vocabulary & very basic grammar.

Lynne Martineau, VRP, 2000, 160 pg.

I.B. Horner, Mahamakut Rajavidyalaya Press, 1999, 93 pgs. Softcover

The Pali is printed side by side with the English translation of these stories, each illustrating one of the ten paramita. Useful as an exercise book for the aspiring Pali student.

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