Back Vitalizer

Back Vitalizer™ is an extremely lightweight and durable, inflatable cushion which can be effectively used in meditation as well as fitting in office chairs, or in vehicle and airline seats.

It offers three usages: stability ball in a chair, lumbar support and balance trainer. An actual medical device which is listed with Health Canada and US FDA, Back Vitalizer reduces back pain, prevents slouching and strengthens core stability. Back doctors and patients have tested it and report that it is extremely effective in alleviating lower back pain and in restoring mucle balance and strength. It alleviates tension which commonly develops in the low back muscles of people who sit daily in front of their many of us!

When you sit on it, with your buttocks aligned with the back of the cushion, and not leaning against the back of a chair, wall or any other support, you are in fact gently working to strengthen the deep stabilizing muscles and to develop balance. It is important that the back of your buttocks are aligned with the rear of the cushion to get all the benefits. If you are too far foward, you loose the balancing benefits. If you are too far back you loose the support benefits.

Because 95% of people have weakness in these muscles, it is recommended that you start with a lower level of inflation--1/2 inch in thickness, or less. Lower inflation makes it easier to use, due to a lower level of proprioceptive motion required to achieve balance. This allow you to gradually build up the strength of these muscles in your back, for long term neuromuscular gain. Then you can try increasing the inflation levels once you have adjusted to this level of muscle training.

For use while sitting in a chair, it is also recommended that for the first 2 - 4 months, you alternate the sitting on and the leaning against positions, every 10 - 15 minutes (if your back muscles are significantly weak to start), or every 30 -60 minutes otherwise, to gradually prolong the time you can sit on it. You can try leaning against the cushion in both the horizontal and vertical support positions, for different supports. When leaning against the cushion, you are getting the benefit of increased comfort and support! Note: You may need to adjust the height of your chair to accomodate the difference in height with the cushion added.

Back Vitalizer™ Product Information:

Fabric: 400 denier premium air-holding nylon fabric

Colour: black (fits in any environment)

Size: 16" x 12"

Body shape and size suitability: most body shapes and sizes

Age suitability: 7 - 70 years

Body weight limit: 400 lb. maximum

For further information, click on the following links:

User Instructions (PDF)

Manufacturer's website

The cost of the Back Vitalizer cushion is $55, or $ 98 for two ordered at the same time, plus shipping and tax. To order, email or phone 613.267.3973.