For Children

For Children

A Treasury of Wise Actions

Chemin du Bonheur, Le: vipassana meditation et la méthode anapana expliqué pour enfants

Golden Goose and other Jataka Stories, The

This large-format children's comic book contains five illustrated Jataka tales: Suvannahansa Jataka, Mahasara Jataka, Babbu Jataka, Munika Jataka, and Vanarinda Jataka.

Jataka Tales: each title is a separate book, sold separately

    • Best of Friends, The (hardcover)

    • Great Gift and the Wish-Fulfilling Gem (hardcover)

    • Magic of Patience, The (hardcover)

    • Power of a Promise, The (hardcover)

    • Precious Life, A (hardcover or softcover)

    • Rabbit Who Overcame Fear (hardcover or softcover)

    • Three Wise Birds (softcover)

    • The Value of Friends (softcover)

    • The Jewel of Friendship (s.c.)

    • The Monster of Lotus Lake (s.c)

Les Contes de Jataka: 10 Livres:

    • Le Sage à la bêche

    • La Sagesse De L'Oie aux Plumes d'Or

    • Les Pièces d'Or - Une Histoire sur le Partage

    • Le Joyau de l’amitié

    • Le Perroquet et le figuie

    • La Sagesse du jars doré

    • La Magie de la patience

    • La Valeur de l’amitié

    • Le Lapin qui a surmonté sa peur

    • Le Monstre du lac aux lotus

Jataka Tales CDs: 6 different stories, two stories per CD, your choice of 3 CDs:

    1. Precious Life/Magic of Patience

2. Value of Friends/Best of Friends

3. Rabbit Who Overcame Fear/Hunter and Quail

Kindness: A Treasury of Buddhist Wisdom for Children and Parents

La Magia de la Paciencia - Una Historia acerca de la bondad

Spanish Only- child's picture book

La Magie de la Patience - Une histoire sur la gentillesse- pour les enfants-French (see larger list of these French children's books just above)

Life of the Buddha Colouring Book

A simple telling of the story of the Buddha's life in words and drawings for children to color. Includes six pages of notes for parents and teachers to elaborate upon the brief captions under each drawing. This book is basd on A Young Person's Life of the Buddha, by Bhikkhu Silacara.

Morals in the Life Story of the Buddha: Stories and Activities for Youth

Author, Publisher

Dharma Publishing

A collection of twenty-two Jataka tales illustrating that principled and compassionate actions give the best results in our own lives and the lives of others. For ages 9 -15 and up.

Vipassana Research Institute

Ven. S. Dhammika, Buddhist Pub. Soc.,

Pali and English, 2005, 28 pages.

Dhamma Publishing

For children ages 4-9

(some titles available in French. See bottom of this list or Français section)

With rich and colourful illustrations.

En français, chaque titre vendu séparément

Dharma Publishing

Sarah Conover, Eastern Washington University Press, 2001, 164 pgs.

Beautifully illustrated, with over 30 compelling, gentle, thought-provoking, and often humorous stories from the Buddhas life for older children and adults.

Dharma Publishing

Dharma Publishing

Martha Aitchison, Buddhist Pub. Soc., 2009, 32 pages

Buddhist Publication Society

Vipassana Research Institute

Jonathan Landaw, Wisdom Publications, 1984, 143 pgs.

This book for children tells the story of the wealthy royal prince who became Buddha, the Awakened one. This is a story of fearlessness, peace and love that touches the hearts of children of all ages. Chapters form story-time vignettes. With beautiful, full-colour illustrations by Janet Brooke. Just under 8 by 10 inches.

Pariyatti Media

Seeds of Awareness documents modern children's experiences with Anapana meditation. This breath awareness technique dates back to the Buddha. Today it is available in short courses tailored for children and teens. The film outlines the course process and impact. In interviews, participants, parents and teachers talk of how Anapana helps in dealing with the pressures of school, family and social life, as well as the challenges and benefits - calmness, improved concentration and compassion

Monroe Leaf, Illustrated by Robert Lawson, Grosset & Dunlap, 2000, 30 pages

Illustrating ideals of nonviolence through the story of this lovable bull who would rather smell the flowers than fight. For children and anyone else.

Dharma Publishing

Noor Inayat Khan, Inner Traditions International, 1884, 148 pg.

A collection of Jatakas chosen for their non-violent character, these stories are restated in beautiful simple language, and with exquisite illustrations by the well-known illustrator H. Willebeek Le Mair. Ages 7-12.

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This book contains a set of stories from the life of the Buddha told in simple modern English familiar to today’s youth. Along with each story, words of the Buddha are used to highlight the moral illustrated by the story, and a detailed Dhamma discussion

Path of Joy, The: Vipassana meditation and specifically the method of anapana explained for children

Le Chemin du Bonheur: vipassana meditation et la méthode anapana expliqué pour enfants

Prince Siddhartha-The Story of the Buddha

Seeds of Awareness - DVD Anapana meditation for children and teens

Story of Ferdinand, The

Three Wise Birds - A children's story and picture book about wisdom and leardership

Twenty Jataka Tales