Art Cards and Journals (below)

Fine Art Note Cards

Fine art note cards with sixteen images from nature and meditation, by three Pacific Northwest artists. Cards were donated through Art Pariyatti to support Pariyatti. Size: 5x7,envelopes included.

Each card includes on the back a statement from each artist about their creative process and meditation.

$18.00 each packaged set of 8, or $ 3.00 for any individual card. Order any combination of 5-9 individual cards for $ 2.50 each, and $ 2.25 each for any combination of 10 or more!

These note cards make great gifts!

Card Sets:

Eight Nature Images

Eight Meditation Images

Cards by Douglas Smith:


Flowering Buddha

Golden Buddha

Lifting the Veil

Moon Meditation

Nature of Life

Observing Sensations

Sitting at Sunrise

Cards by Michael Eberhardt:

Greenlake Sunset




Cards by Teri Granger:

Field of Sunshine


Look Within

Taste of Nectar