By S. N. Goenka Author, Publisher Price ($ Can)
Come People of the World Translations of Hindi dohas (verses) chanted by Mr. Goenka during a 10-day course, VRI, 1992, 35 pg. 4.20
Defence Against External Invasion S.N. Goenka, VRI, 2003, 6 pg. 1.00
Dhamma Verses: book Chantings by S.N.Goenka, VRP, 1999, 78 pg. 8.50
Dhamma Verses: book and cassette Translations of over 100 Hindi dohas (verses) chanted by S.N. Goenka, VRP, 1999. Book, 78 pg; cassette, 92 min 14.50
Gem Set In Gold, The
English translation (along with the Romanized Pali or Hindi) of the Dhamma Chantings by S.N. Goenka from the ten-day course.

Formatted for ease of finding the translation for each day's morning chanting, group sittings, discourse, and the practice of metta (loving kindness) meditation.

Book alone: 12.95
Bk/DVD set:
DVD alone, presentation case: 13.95
DVD alone, economy case, 8.95
Glimpses of the Buddha's LifeS.N. Goenka, VRI, 2008, 66 pg. 32.00
Gracious Flow of Dharma, The S.N. Goenka, VRI, 1994, 70 pg. 6.00
How to Defend the Republic S.N. Goenka, VRI, 2003, 10 pg. 1.00
Was the Buddha a Pessimist? S.N. Goenka, VRI, 2001, 74 pg. 4.50