More Audio Resources Author, Publisher Price ($ Can)
Vipassana: Its Relevance to the Present World: 1 cassette
(CD $7.25 and book $9.75 also available)
S.N. Goenka, VRP, 1997, 58 min 3.75
Insights From An Ancient Tradition: 6 CD set S.N. Goenka and 4 Assistant Teachers, PAE, 2000 36.00
Life of the Buddha, The Slide show CD Martha Aitchison, Buddhist Publication Society

The tale of how a prince came to abandon his comfortable palace and went away to discover the secret of happiness, suffering much on the way, seems the stuff of fairy stories. Yet it was a real man who achieved such extraordinary deed: the Buddha. This is his life told for children with drawings to print out and colour
Spiritual Emotions: 2 CD set Paul R. Fleischman, M.D., PAE, 2003

Medicine, science and spirituality in light of Vipassana meditation.