DVDs Author, Publisher Price ($ Can)
Changing from Inside David Donnenfield,Pariyatti Digital Editions, DVD, 2006, NTSC 44 min.

7 female inmates at a minimum security prison near Seattle, Washington undertake a 10-day Vipassana course and are transformed by their new dhamma skills.

Dhamma Brothers, The, DVDCOLLECTOR'S EDITION  East Meets West in the Deep South Produced by Jenny Phillips, 2008 24.95
Doing Time, Doing Vipassana Karuna Films, DVD Version, 2005, 52 min.

Moving documentary on the profound changes following a Vipassana meditation course for inmates and guards in India's largest prison.

Available in slimline presentation case with photo and reviews (19.25) and economy plain case (14.50)
Doing Time, Doing Vipassana (Español) Pariyatti Digital Editions, DVD, 2006, NTSC 54 minutos.Doblada al Espaol.

Este documental, ganador de varios premios, lleva a sus espectadores al interior de la crcel ms grande de India conocida como una de las crceles ms difciles en el mundo- y muestra los cambios dramticos que produjo la introduccin de la meditacin Vipassana.


Gem Set In Gold, The

English translation (along with the Romanized Pali or Hindi) of the Dhamma Chantings by S.N. Goenka from the ten-day course.

Formatted for ease of finding the translation for each day's morning chanting, group sittings, discourse, and the practice of metta (loving kindness) meditation.

 Book alone: 12.95
Bk/DVD set:
DVD alone, presentation case: 13.95
DVD alone, economy case, 8.95
 Life of the Buddha, The Slide show CD  Martha Aitchison, Buddhist Publication Society

The tale of how a prince came to abandon his comfortable palace and went away to discover the secret of happiness, suffering much on the way, seems the stuff of fairy stories. Yet it was a real man who achieved such extraordinary deed: the Buddha. This is his life told for children with drawings to print out and colour
Mental Wealth Pariyatti Digital Editions, DVD version, 2006, 60 mins.

A talk by S.N. Goenka to the NY City Harvard Business School Clubincludes a general introduction to vipassana and a lively q & a session.

 Seeds of Awareness - DVD Anapana meditation for children and teens Pariyatti Media

Seeds of Awareness documents modern children's experiences with Anapana meditation. This breath awareness technique dates back to the Buddha. Today it is available in short courses tailored for children and teens. The film outlines the course process and impact. In interviews, participants, parents and teachers talk of how Anapana helps in dealing with the pressures of school, family and social life, as well as the challenges and benefits - calmness, improved concentration and compassion
Ten Day Discourses 11 DVD set - English  or Hindi language (please specify on your order)
Pariyatti Digital Editions, 11 video DVDs, ~ 13hours
The audio content and visual images of the dhamma discourses given by S.N. Goenka during ten-day meditation courses