Fine Art Note Cards

Fine art note cards with sixteen images from nature and meditation, by three Pacific Northwest artists. Cards were donated through Art Pariyatti to support Pariyatti. Size: 5x7,envelopes included.

Each card includes on the back a statement from each artist about their creative process and meditation.

$18.00 each packaged set of 8, or $ 3.00 for any individual card. Order any combination of 5-9 individual cards for $ 2.50 each, and $ 2.25 each for any combination of 10 or more!

These note cards make great gifts!

Card Sets:

Eight Nature Images

Eight Meditation Images

Cards by Douglas Smith:


Flowering Buddha

Golden Buddha

Lifting the Veil

Moon Meditation

Nature of Life

Observing Sensations

Sitting at Sunrise

Cards by Michael Eberhardt:

Greenlake Sunset




Cards by Teri Granger:

Field of Sunshine


Look Within

Taste of Nectar

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 Pariyatti Celebrating 25 years of Service Journal
Anniversary journal - Wire-o bound, 160 page journal measures 5" x 8" and contains 60lb bookweight (24 lb bond) paper Cover illustration - the Buddha in the Dhammacakkapavattana
 Pariyatti 11.95
 Post Card- Four Noble Truths Pariyatti 1.00
 Post Card- Noble Eightfold Path Pariyatti 1.00    
 Post Card- Synonyms for Nibbana Pariyatti 1.00