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We have some wonderful, new resources which we hope to post here by July 31 including
The Art of Dying edited by Virginia Hamilton,
and Wonder: When and Why the World Appears Radiant by Dr. Paul Fleischman

and more

Nous avons des merveilleux, nouvelles ressources qui, nous l'espérons poster ici en juillet,
y compris la nouvelle traduction française du "Discours d'un Cours de Vipassana de 3 jours" -
Un ensemble de
3 CDs pour 18, 00 $
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Nouveau Livre:
Trois enseignements sur la méditation Vipassana

Satya Narayan Goenka
Hart (Préface)

Éditeur: Points (Seuil)

Collection:  Points sagesses (# 250)

Prix:  13.95 $
Cette traduction publiée aux éditions du Seuil des trois discours donnés par Goenkaji en Birmanie en 1991.                
Nous pouvons être particulièrement satisfaits que ces textes soient pour la
première fois publiés et qu'il s'agisse de la première publication française
de textes de Goenkaji auprès du grand public.
Ce livre est disponible ici maintenant.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

10 DAY EVENING DISCOURSES $ 29.95 US + tax, S & H
(Previous Prices: $ 80 & $ 60 respectively. DVD sets only available in English or Hindi. CD sets available in multiple languages including French and English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Khmer, Farsi and many others. (Current Canadian prices depend on daily exchange rate. Please inquire.


****Available for Mailing and Handling fees only: Copies of
The Art of Living in written Chinese language****
please inquire.


1. ALL single audio cassette tapes offered for sale on this site now on sale for

$ 3.00, and all audio cassette tape sets now on sale for $ 5.00 (Canadian)


Titles still available:

  • Changing from Inside,  in English or Spanish
  • Doing Time, Doing Vipassana, in English, Spanish or in English with French or Mandarin subtitles
  • Mental Wealth,  talk by S.N. Goenka to Harvard Business School Club, N.Y.C., 2000, English
  • Inner Peace for World Peace, address by S.N. Goenka at the UN, 2000 and an interview with Dutch media at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, English
  • Hill of Dhamma,  English or English and  Mandarin
  • Introduction to Vipassana, Dhamma talks and intro to the 10 day courses by S.N. Goenka, English or Hindi
  • S.N. Goenka and Vipassana A 30 minute documentary made for Dutch t.v. includes Goenka's address to business leaders at a NYC conference , talks at the Belgium vipassana centre, and interviews with practitioners.
(Additional sale titles available under the Resources for Old Students link in menu.)

Please inquire for more details. Sale in effect as long as stock remains.

New Item from the Addictions Field:

Awareness and Wisdom in Addiction Therapy

The In-depth Systemics Treatment of Mental-somatic Models

By Leo Gurtler, Urban M.Studer & Gerhard Scholz with a foreword by Prof. Kent C.Berridge

It is the view of these experienced therapist/authors that a full cure, recovery and healing from addictions is possible if the addicts learn how to reorganize and restructure their own habitual ways of perception and cognition. Vipassana meditation serves as the instrument of choice to realize this transformation.

Publisher: Vipassana Research Publications, $ 11.95. Available now.


Along the Path The Meditator's Companion to the Buddha's Land

Co-authored by: Kory Goldberg & Michelle Decary   Publisher: Pariyatti  Imprint: Pariyatti Press    2009 English  $ 23.30 (Canadian)

This unique guidebook provides practical and inspiring information for meditators who plan to visit India and Nepal and the sacred sites where the Buddha lived and taught. The book offers a rich anthology of deeply inspiring stories relating to each of the pilgrimage sites connected to the Buddha’s life and teaching. Also includes helpful maps, creative artwork and spirited narratives from experienced travellers
• Detailed descriptions of each of the sites, including insider information on what to see and tips on transportation, accommodation and local cuisine.
• Suggested excursions and activities in the vicinity of both ancient and modern sites.
• Highlights established Vipassana meditation centers that are best suited to accommodate visiting meditators.
• Includes an in-depth travel section to help meditators prepare for a safe launch from home and cultivate cultural sensibilities.
The essential companion for every meditator visiting India and Nepal.